Raider Electric Skateboard vs Onlyone Electric Skateboard – Review

Raider Electric Skateboard

What could be more convenient than an electric skateboard? Compact, lightweight and powerful enough to gain speeds of 18mph and more (29KM/h). Wether you’re in a city centre and only need to travel a couple of blocks to work or meet up with friends on the weekend or covering slightly longer distances in town, an electric skateboard is an ideal transportation mode.

If you are looking for the best electric skateboard for under $ 500, OnlyOne O-3 is probably the board for you. While price is important to you it’s good to know that quality and power is not compromised and you can have the best of both worlds.Raider Electric Skateboard

How Fast Can I Go On The ONLYONE O-3 Electric Skateboard?

The ONLYONE O-3 electric longboard had a speed range of 11mph (18KM/h) for beginners all the way up to 18mph (29KM/h) for more advanced riders.  If you have been riding for a while and feel very confident on an electric skateboard the fast mode can take you as fast as 24mph (38 KM/h).

How Far Can I Go On The ONLYONE O-3 Electric Skateboard?

As to how far you can travel, well that depends on the battery type and the speed you’re causing at at.  Generally with the 1.10S3P battery, you can ride 13 to 17 miles (21KM to 27KM) and with the 2.10S4P battery, the range can be increased by 20 miles (32KM).

What Happens When The Battery Runs Flat?

You’re a couple of hundred yards from the office and your battery runs flat, what now? Unlike belt driven boards, the ONLYONE O-3 has a brushless hub motor that drives the wheels. This means that you can ride the board like a traditional skateboard and keep moving.Raider Electric Skateboard

O-3 Electric Longboard Detailed Specs


  • Battery Cells: 20R Lithium Ion Battery
  • 1.10S3P Battery:6.0AH 216W 
  • Cruising Range: 13 to 17miles(21KM-28KM)
  • 2.10S4P battery: 8.0Ah 288W
  • Cruising Range: 17 to 20 miles(28-32KM)

Speed Mode

  • 1.Slow mode/ Beginners : 11 MPH (18 km/h) max
  • 2.Medium mode /Expert : 18 MPH (30 km/h) max
  • 3.Fast mode / Pro : 24 MPH (38 km/h) max
  • The maximum Climb Angle is 25-30 °

Skateboard deck

  • Material: 8-layer Canadian Maple
  • Maximum load: 330 LBS (150 kg)

PU wheel 

  • 90MM (3.54 Inches) * 54MM (2.12 Inches)


  • Motor:Hub Motor , 2 MOTOR  500W /EACH 250W
  • Type: Motor*2  ( PU on the motor is replaceable)        
  • Power: 250W*2(500W motors)


  • Fast mode: 38 km/h(24)
  • Middle mode: 30 km/h(18MPH)
  • Slow mode: 18 km/h(11MPH)
  • Stronger signal
  • Powerful and smooth when it accelerates and brakes

Adapters and chargers

  • Input: 100-240v 2.5a
  • Output: 42V 2.0A


  • Capacity: 400mAh
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Control distance: 14M
  • Charging time: 2H
  • The board moves with the remote, whether or not there is anything. So when you come down the board, you should turn off the remote to avoid injuries and accidents

Entire skateboard

  • Size: 38″*9.5″(970x 289mm)
  • Net weight: 17.8lb (8kg)

Waterproof grade

  • Onlyone electric longboard have been strictly waterproofed before they leave the factory, but once they start to be used, maintained or swapping batteries, the water resistance of the circuit boards will be reduced.
  • Do not ride on wet or icy roads. Riding on wet or icy roads is dangerous potentially causing a loss of traction or control


  • 10KG
  • Outer box size: 1000*315*215mm

Package contents

  • 1 x electric skateboard
  • 1 x adapter and charger
  • 1 x remote wireless control
  • 1 x T wrench tools for routine maintenanceRaider Electric Skateboard

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